I think that Saturday Club is great! All the helpers are very kind and happy, and I really miss Saturday Club when I am unable to go.

Eva, Age 7

The Stowmarket and Area Opportunity group has been my life line. When I had my child with special needs, the wonderful staff from the group have always been there for us. They have been there for us every step of the way, propping me up when I need it, and enjoying with me, the small steps Maggie has made. With their help and support, Maggie has come so far. I have also met and made some wonderful friends who are in similar situations to myself. Maggie also attends the fantastic nursery. It’s a warm, friendly and loving place of which I would be completely lost without! The love and care both my girls receive while they are at the group nursery, the Holiday Club and the Opportunity group, is outstanding!

Sarah, Mum of 2

Both of my children attend Stepping Stones Nursery. I had originally sent them to a nursery near my home but after tears every single day and them not settling, we decided to try Stepping Stones. From the first day they went, they settled and loved it! The progress they have made whilst being there is amazing, with my oldest sounding out her phonics and doing so well with her writing. All the staff are so friendly and we are very grateful to Stepping Stones for all they have done.


I first started going to the Eye Opportunity group 15 years ago when my son was born two months prematurely. I felt like I had no where to turn and was suffering with post- natal depression. My health visitor told me about the Opportunity group and so I went along and it was brilliant! I have never looked back. I received so much help and understanding and when my son lost all his hearing in his right ear they were such a fantastic help to me and my family. Then when I had my third child, she was born with a genetic disorder, but was not properly diagnosed until she was 6 years old. As a baby she was very sick all the time and she was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 2. She had very poor weight gain and was very unwell. So I started attending Stowmarket and Area Opportunity group. Through all her tests, operations and hospital stays all the staff here have been absolutely amazing! I cannot thank them enough for all they have done. They are always friendly, happy and understanding and have done so much for me and my family. We are so grateful.


I first starting going to the Opportunity group at the beginning of 2007 when i moved from Yorkshire to Ipswich. My daughter Izzy’s OT told me about the group, and said it would be a good way for me to meet people and Izzy would love it. She was right. I made sure i attended the group at least once a week whilst Izzy was under 5. She got so much out the group. The staff are lovely and very understanding to Izzy’s needs and also mine. I have also made some friends for life here. Even when Izzy started school I still attend with my younger child who loves going. Unfortunately Izzy passed away April this year, and I don’t know what I would have done without the support from group. Stepping Stones has become a big part of my life.